Friday, February 8, 2013

Renee & JT's Holiday Inspired Maternity Shoot

We spent some time around Christmas at the beautiful Guido's Gardens in my quaint hometown of Metter, Georgia. This couple is so beautiful, so photogenic and so in love with God. They have faced so many trials on the path to have a child, and with angels in heaven looking over them... they are now blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I can't wait to go shoot the little gal (heh, get it.. shoot! Don't worry.. I'm here allllll day:). 

So here's a little snippet of what we produced while there. The Chapel is something I can't explain. It's so tiny, so plain... but so peaceful. It's been my peace of mind more than once when I've snuck away for time with the Lord-- and it made the perfect jumping off point for a couple who have found themselves so blessed with love and support.


I'll get to see that baby soon enough... and I can't WAIT! So until part II.......................